Are you using hashtags in all your tweets? If not, you’re pretty much just talking to yourself and a few diehard followers who haven’t lost your tweets amongst the thousands in their feed.

Using hashtags takes the conversation to a broader audience, specifically those with an interest in the hashtag topic. Tweeting about small business matters? Why not include the #smallbiz or #smallbusiness hashtag so thousands upon thousands of Twitter users can read your comment and engage as they see fit? (Of course, you must tweet something truly useful and worth their engagement. Be mindful of your tweets.)

twitter-logo-hashtagFor business owners and entrepreneurs, Twitter should be used as a networking tool. By expanding your tweet audience, you are expanding your brand reach. Brand reach translates into market share which translates into business growth.

Increase your business success. Include targeted hashtags in your tweets to turn your Twitter time into effective business marketing.

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